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When new clients come to me, they often say they don't really understand medicare and they almost always think they have something they don't. They were "sold".

I'm here to help. I'm here to help find the right plan, even if that means you're already in the right plan and "helping" means doing nothing at all. 


Seatbelts and air bags help protect you from bodily injury.  Supplemental products help protect you financially. They pay you a set amount of money if have a covered accident, illness or other loss. For a few dollars, they pay funds to you that can be used for medicals bills or household expenses. Money to use however you see fit. 

Supplemental and Indemnity 

I don't think everyone needs it.


I believe people who have a mortgage need it. I believe parents need it to provide a home and education for a child, just in case. I believe anyone who relies on income from another person needs it.

Simply put, if you die, you don't need life insurance. But your family does.


Life insurance

If you're retiring with a 401K or other investments, congratulations! Now what are you going to do with the money? You can always leave it to the restrictions of your current plan.


Or, you can get more. Annuities are a creative way to maximize your money and use it in ways you never dreamed possible.



Home, Auto, Modified/Classic, Motorcyle


When you're tired of paying too much for home and auto. When you're tired of being just a policy. When you would really just like to find an agent you can trust. 

Home and Auto

Our pets are not just pets - they are family members. We love them and take care of them because they have our hearts. And because our fur babies get sick and have accidents, like we do, we understand the benefits of pet insurance.

We have health insurance for ourselves, our spouses and children. Why not have it for our fur family members for the short time we're fortunate enough to have them? 

Fur Babies

No matter your insurance needs, Lesa Inglis Insurance is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive coverage at the most attractive price.


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