You want the best coverage at lowest price without all the confusion. We give you that.

You want the best coverage at lowest price without all the confusion. We give you that.

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Individual Health Plans

If you’re looking for an individual health plan, click the link below for an instant quote. You will be able to see and compare all health plans available in your area. Instant Health Plan Quote...


Options and Solutions Disabled, Turning 65, and Beyond Medicare is confusing to most people and health care can be expensive. Our goal is to help you find the plan that offers the highest level of...

Dental and Vision Plans

Who doesn’t need need dental and vision coverage? Below are some links to shop for your individual dental and vision needs. You can, also, enroll directly through each link for the plan you choose. PPO...

Life Insurance

Everyone thinks when they die, so do the bills but that’s not always the case. It’s a shock when someone grieving the loss of a loved one finds out that unpaid medical bills are still...

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Your health and finances are important. That’s why we are completely transparent, offering you affordable Medicare plans, individual healthcare and life insurance.

We are not an 800 number call center selling a few plans even if it’s not a good fit. We are not a mailbox advertisement selling only one thing. We are not calling you, unsolicited, trying to scare you into buying what we sell. We are not your financial planner trying to sell a few plans to round out our business.

We are an independent insurance agent with numerous insurer contracts, who works one-on-one with you to make sure you are getting the most comprehensive coverage at the most affordable price. We are located in Dallas, Georgia and licensed in several states. If we can’t come to you to sit down face to face, we have up to date technology and if you have a computer or smart phone, we can share our computer screen so you see what we see.

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Vickie Bean
Less is a wonderful person to walk with, and very knowledgeable and professional about all the different plans that are available to you. I recommend her to anyone that needs honest and knowledgeable information. Less is the Best!!!
David McEntyre
Lesa has been a tremendous help in getting me set up for the new year of all these medical changes. Without her help I would have been a absolute mess. Her professionalism is beyond reproach, her knowledge is impeccable. I would gladly recommend her to anyone needing help with their medicare plan D changes.
Debra Hagerty
Lesa is Excellent for Medicare plans and service is outstanding!! Make an appoiintment today and save money and time!!!! I am speaking from experience and you need not go anywhere else. Call today!
Cathy Franks
Lesa has always been responsive to all my text and answers my guestions even when I feel like I ask too many ..She a very sweet person that shows she cares .She's very thorough in her talks about you and your insurance needs..And I love that she's never too busy to help with me with my insurance needs.
Lesa was great. She know all the answers to the questions I ask and was able to break it down when needed. Great person to work with
Theresa Aaron
I needed health care insurance for my family I contacted Lesa Inglis she took the time researched the best deals for our family needs. She answered all the question I had. She went above and beyond excellent Customer service A one. I would recommend her 100%. Thank you Lesa For your great service.
L Johnson
Jason Goldschmidt
Lesa is very professional and always finds me the best rates. It is always a pleasure doing business with her and I look forward to more in the future. I’ve dealt with plenty of insurance agents and I can honestly say Lesa’s service is second to none!
Lisa Hallford
Lesa was so friendly and helpful. She is very knowledgeable. I just needed some guidance with the choice. I reallyappreciate all her help.
Patricia Cook

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Dental and Vision Plans

Who doesn’t need need dental and vision coverage? Below are some links to shop for your individual dental and vision needs. You can, also, enroll directly through each link for the plan you choose.

PPO Dental

Most of the dental and vision plans are PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans which basically means you can go out of the network of providers. In other words, if the provider is not in-network, he or she may still take the plan. You will need to check first.

HMO Dental

Included, is an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). The HMO has a lower premium but you have access only to providers that are in-network. If you go out of network, you have no coverage. With the HMO there is a fee schedule but it up to you to make sure the provider follows the fee schedule. The HMO Dental plan can be a wonderful choice but you must be pro-active in your care.

Apply Online

Ameritas Dental

Know what you are paying for

As with any dental and vision plan, some services are not covered. Some plans have waiting periods before certain services are covered. Implants and oral surgery are not available on all plans. Other services such as antibacterial irrigation and bacterial laser irradiation are not covered by all dental plans.

These are just examples and you should always compare plan options to make sure you are applying for the plan that provides the services you need. Additionally, you should always request a treatment plan from your dentist. The treatment plan should include dental billing codes for each procedure as well as what you can expect to pay.

Be Proactive

If the treatment plan seems excessive or you do not understand a charge, ask! Your dentist should openly discuss whether or not a treatment is required or just recommended.