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All About What We Do

We Take Care of You

Lesa Inglis is not what most expect in an insurance agent. Lesa genuinely cares about her clients. She loves helping others find the right coverage to protect what is important to them. Lesa is licensed as a life, health, property and casualty agent, which means she can help with just about anything insurance related. From the start, Lesa has been working hard to find better ways to serve you. If you need a safe place to just ask a few questions, without sales pressure, you have found it.

How Lesa Got Her Start

Lesa began her insurance career selling home and auto insurance as a captive producer – “captive” meaning she could only sell one insurance carrier. She was a natural in the industry. As such, she enjoyed working with clients to help them choose the right coverage options. Her clients always knew they could trust her not to “upsell” them but to be honest with her recommendations.

At the time, there was so much upheaval in the individual healthcare market and changing Medicare landscape. So many people were unsure of who to turn to for honest guidance, much less where to find affordable health insurance solutions. Having some background in the healthcare field, Lesa was naturally drawn to health insurance but was unable to pursue it working in her “captive” position. Seeing the need her community had for someone who could help navigate the various options, Lesa decided to open her agency doors with a focus on health insurance options.

How We Do Business

Today, Lesa specializes in Medicare plans. In addition, she provides all the additional products that complement Medicare and fill in the gaps. Being a Medicare Specialist, Lesa begins with education. This is because understanding all available options and how those options work gives the client powerful knowledge in deciding what is best for him or herself.

Lesa, also, works with veterans navigating available resources to help them understand how their benefits tie in with Medicare. Believing in the importance of tailoring benefits to fit the individual, Lesa is extremely transparent offering all available plan options. Further, she is contracted with numerous insurers. This allows her to tailor plan options to meet the need of the individual.

And Another Way We Differ

Most people “selling” Medicare products offer either Medicare Supplements or Medicare Advantage but not both. Some agents don’t touch individual healthcare products or life insurance. Then, you have financial planners who dabble in Medicare or life insurance as a way of keeping more of the clients’ money “in house”. They rarely, if ever, truly understand the insurance products they sell, which can have devastating financial consequences down the road.

Where We Are Today

Located in Dallas, Georgia, USA, Lesa Inglis is licensed in and serving several states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. She offers a wide range of insurance products and unparalleled customer support when you need it the most.

We have products to provide the extra layer of protection that you have been looking for. We care about your needs. We care about you. Your search ends today.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Vickie Bean
Less is a wonderful person to walk with, and very knowledgeable and professional about all the different plans that are available to you. I recommend her to anyone that needs honest and knowledgeable information. Less is the Best!!!
David McEntyre
Lesa has been a tremendous help in getting me set up for the new year of all these medical changes. Without her help I would have been a absolute mess. Her professionalism is beyond reproach, her knowledge is impeccable. I would gladly recommend her to anyone needing help with their medicare plan D changes.
Debra Hagerty
Lesa is Excellent for Medicare plans and service is outstanding!! Make an appoiintment today and save money and time!!!! I am speaking from experience and you need not go anywhere else. Call today!
Cathy Franks
Lesa has always been responsive to all my text and answers my guestions even when I feel like I ask too many ..She a very sweet person that shows she cares .She's very thorough in her talks about you and your insurance needs..And I love that she's never too busy to help with me with my insurance needs.
Lesa was great. She know all the answers to the questions I ask and was able to break it down when needed. Great person to work with
Theresa Aaron
I needed health care insurance for my family I contacted Lesa Inglis she took the time researched the best deals for our family needs. She answered all the question I had. She went above and beyond excellent Customer service A one. I would recommend her 100%. Thank you Lesa For your great service.
L Johnson
Jason Goldschmidt
Lesa is very professional and always finds me the best rates. It is always a pleasure doing business with her and I look forward to more in the future. I’ve dealt with plenty of insurance agents and I can honestly say Lesa’s service is second to none!
Lisa Hallford
Lesa was so friendly and helpful. She is very knowledgeable. I just needed some guidance with the choice. I reallyappreciate all her help.
Patricia Cook

About Lesa Inglis and Affordable Medicare Plans in Dallas GA
Lesa Inglis has hosted numerous educational events in and around Georgia, where she provides valuable information on what “Original Medicare” means, when someone is eligible for Medicare and how to enroll, how to avoid late enrollment penalties, and what all the coverage options are, as well as how they work. One such event was hosted at a local library in Paulding County Georgia where dozens of people showed up to sit down and learn.
Lesa Inglis actively pursues educating Medicare beneficiaries on Medicare fraud prevention and talks to seniors about it whenever she has the chance. Seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries are often targeted by scammers. Above, Lesa Inglis is invited to a local senior center in Carrollton GA where she talks about Medicare fraud, how it happens more than you realize, and ways you can avoid becoming the victim of Medicare scams and identity theft.