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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance helps pay bills after death

Everyone thinks when they die, so do the bills but that’s not always the case. It’s a shock when someone grieving the loss of a loved one finds out that unpaid medical bills are still there. It’s even more of a shock when they find out that there is no money to pay them and they may lose everything including the roof over their head.


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Why Even Have Life Insurance?

You have insurance on your home, auto, and jewelry. You even have insurance on your cell phone. You have health insurance. You have a little bit of life insurance through your job, as long as you work there. So the question is, what will happen to your family when you die? Will there be enough money to pay for your funeral? Will your spouse be able to afford the mortgage on one income? Is there enough to raise your children and help with college? And what about your medical bills?

No one wants to think about dying but the reality is, we all die. Some of us die sooner than others. Often, it’s unexpected. And, as person said to me, “If I’m dead I won’t be worried about the bills anymore.” Truer words were never spoken. And, if you don’t have dependents, don’t have someone who relies on you for a home, or if you have everything paid off, I’m the first one to say you may not need life insurance. But if you do have someone who depends on you, you may want to at least consider what will happen if you die.

Life Insurance With Living Benefits

What will happen if your don’t die? If you have a heart attack or a stroke and live to tell about it? Or you develop cancer, go through treatments and survive? Will you have the money to pay your medical expenses? Assuming you have health insurance, will you have enough to pay for the deductibles, the hospital stays and the treatments? If you are not able to work, will you or someone else still be able to pay the rent and buy groceries.

There is a reason you hear about one illness wiping out a family’s savings. There is a reason you hear about someone who lost their home because they couldn’t afford to pay for the medical treatments and pay the mortgage too. Then there are the on going costs of medical treatments after the fact.

That is why we have life insurance options available that pay benefits to you if you are diagnosed with certain critical illnesses and live. These Life Insurance plans that pay living benefits are designed to pay you money to use any way you see fit. They provide critical benefits when you need them most. Like other Term Insurance plans, these life insurance solutions can be very affordable.

Life Insurance is not for everyone. It’s for those you leave behind. 

Life Insurance helps pay bills
Medical bills can wipe out a family’s savings