Medicare Advantage and Virtual Healthcare
Medicare Advantage and Virtual Healthcare

Medicare Advantage and Virtual Healthcare

I created this post to be a guide of virtual healthcare options available through some of the main Medicare Advantage insurance companies. Yes, I am a little late getting this information on here but, in my defense, the information has been available on my Facebook page for a while. (Liking my Facebook page is always a quick way to receive “need to know” information)

By now, we all know the havoc Covid-19 has created around the world. Most of us are keeping our social distance but we still have routine healthcare needs that need to be met. Since we are discouraged from face to face visits when possible, we are learning to rely on virtual healthcare. So, while many Medicare Advantage health plans already had some form of telemedicine in place, the ones that did not have scrambled to organize. Below, is the list of several insurance companies’ virtual offerings in no particular order.


Humana uses MDLive for access to telehealth services. You may access in one of three ways:
Call 888-673-1992
You may, also, download the app MDLIVE to your smart phone or tablet.


Cigna virtual and televisit information:
MDLive can be accessed for televisits by calling 866-918-7836.
You may, also, access MDLive for virtual visits in one of two ways:
On your computer by visiting www.MDLive.con/CignaMedicare; or, using your smart phone or tablet to download the MDLive app at PlayStore or AppleStore.
MDLive is a benefit of Cigna Medicare Advantage plans.


Aetna virtual visit information:
You can use Teladoc to conduct phone, video or app appointments.
By phone, call 1-855-TELADOC (855-835-2362).
If you prefer, you may use your smart phone or tablet to download the Teladoc app from PlayStore or AppleStore.
In addition, certain counties is Georgia have the HEAL benefit. With this benefit, you may schedule a house call visit with a physician. This is only available in limited areas, at this time, including: Clayton, Cobb, Dekalb, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett and Hall counties. You may access HEAL at or call 844-960-4325.
The above information applies to Medicare Advantage members only. Medicare Supplement members are not eligible for HEAL, currently.


WellCare has yet to adopt a formal telehealth program but you can always call your Primary Care Physician and schedule an appointment. Your PCP will instruct you on the preferred platform and how to access it.


Anthem BCBS virtual visits can be scheduled in the following ways:
By smart phone or tablet, go to AppStore or PlayStore and download SydneyHealth app for 24/7 assistance
You may reach the 24/7 nurse advice line by calling 888-220-3891 or 800-337-4770.
If you wish to reach IngenioRx mail order pharmacy call 833-236-6196. This information applies to group plans, Medicare Advantage, as well as Supplements.


UnitedHealthcare (UHC) and AARP branded Medicare Advantage plan users can access these services by going to and follow prompts. When you choose insurance you will select “UHC” (includes AARP). You may, also, call 1-844-SEE-DOCS (1-844-733-3627). Medigap (Supplement) plan users can call your regular doctor to schedule virtual visits. You may, also, call the 24/7 nurse advice line for guidance. For English dial 1-888-543-5630. For Spanish dial 1-888-543-5629. Plan users may go to, log in and you will be met with a screen inviting you to answer questions about Covid-19 symptoms and instructions.

Kaiser Permanente

If you are a Kaiser Permanente member and wish to schedule a virtual visit, you may do so in one of three ways:
Go online to, click on the appointment tab and follow prompts;
From your smart device, go to PlayStore or AppStore and download the KP app, register and follow prompts;
Call 404-365-0966 and schedule a televisit.