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Options and Solutions

Disabled, Turning 65, and Beyond

Medicare is confusing to most people and health care can be expensive. Our goal is to help you find the plan that offers the highest level of protection at the lowest cost.

First, we sit down with you and show you how everything works and explain all of your options because Medicare is not “one size fits all”. Every beneficiary has a unique set of circumstances. The right fit for one person, may not be the right fit for you. And that “right fit” may change from year to year.

Next, we’ll help navigate your choices, and show you all the plans available to you. The decision is always yours.

Currently, we’re licensed in several states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia.

How To Choose Medicare Plans

Original Medicare Only

Part A (Inpatient Hospital) –

$1484 Deductible (2021) Each Benefit Period – $1556 in 2022

80/20 Coinsurance – No cap on the 20% you pay

Inpatient Hospital Care (Semi-private room, meals, drugs as part of treatment)

Skilled Nursing Facility up to 100 Days

Hospice Care

Home Health

Part B (Medical) –

$203 Annual Deductible (2021) – $233 in 2022

80/20 Coinsurance – No cap on the 20% you pay

Medically necessary doctors’ services including those received as hospital inpatient

Preventative Services

Labs, X-rays, MRIs and some other diagnostic tests

In very limited circumstances, medications administered in an outpatient setting may be included in Part B

Medicare pays a percentage of approved amounts after certain deductibles have been met. There is no maximum out of pocket limit, meaning there is nothing that limits financial exposure.

Medicare does not pay for prescription medications you pick up at the pharmacy and administer yourself.

How to Limit Out of Pocket Expenses

Medicare only pays so much and the rest is up to you. There are two ways to limit the financial exposure. You may purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan aka Medigap or you may purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan aka Part C. Either of these choices will limit how much you pay. They work very differently and you will find that one may work better than the other for you. The only caveat is understanding the choice you are making and why you are making that choice.